Summer Meal Tip #1 - BURN THE MEAT

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Summer Meal Tip #1 - Burn the Meat

With weather forecasts predicting temps in the 80's for the weekend my thoughts turn from comfort food to fresh fruits, salads and grilled treats that are quick, healthy, tasty and don't overheat me or the house.

I have a pretty busy lifestyle, so quick and easy is important and when the weather heats up, the grill is one of my favorites.  My Lyleism for grilling is "Burn the Meat", not in a bad way, just a tasty char.  Steaks, burgers, chops, chicken, fish -Ahi, Salmon & Rockfish, seafood - Shrimp, Scallops & Crab are all quick & delicious on the grill.  If you have the time, marinades can tenderize and flavor your meats.  Salt, Pepper, citrus, olive oil and sauces or your favorite seasonings can be applied to your protein of choice and stored overnight in a zip lock in the fridge.

One of the keys to flavorful grilling is seasoning.  Herbs, spices and proprietary blends are a passion of mine so I literally have a cabinet dedicated to them.  If you don't have a huge selection there are some recommendations I would make.  Coarse Salt & Pepper are basic and delicious.  My favorite blend is Tony Chachere's original Creole Seasoning.  Available in the spice section of most grocery stores in a bright green shaker, a sprinkle of this magic mixture makes everything it touches more delicious.  Just about any seasoning blend featuring mesquite will help make your grilled steaks, burgers, chops & chicken more amazing.

If you're like me, especially on hot nights, there is that "What are we gonna eat" moment.  Some nights will find me flying into the grocery store to grab some protein for the grill.  One of by favorites for nights like this are Petite Sirloins.  They are the perfect balance of flavor, tenderness and value, and if you watch often, go on sale for less than hamburger.  To Burn the Meat correctly, you will need to Fire up the grill and preheat it on the highest temperature, grab a stainless bowl, basting brush, olive oil, salt, pepper, Tony's and mesquite rub. Place the steaks in the bowl, sprinkle and rub the seasonings in to the steak.  Sprinkle Olive Oil on steaks and spread with the basting brush.  Let the steaks soak up all of that great seasoning while the grill heats up and you prep your salad and sides.

When the grill reaches 500-600 degrees, it is time to Burn the Meat.  The secret to juicy steaks is to sear them for about 90 seconds on each side, basting the top side w the oil and seasoning mixture from the bottom of the bowl with each turn.  Once they have been seared, cook them, with the lid closed, on each side for 2.5 minutes.  You should now have delicious, juicy medium rare steaks.

For a delicious condiment to enjoy with your steaks, mix a dollop of sour cream with "steak juice", stir & enjoy. 

If you enjoyed this, be sure to share with your friends and check back for more super simple summer meal tips, tricks & even some secret recipes.