5 Equity Boosting Home DIY Projects for Fall

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It’s that time of year in Whatcom County! The sun has all but disappeared and everyone in town has retreated inside to avoid the rain. Now’s a great time to give your home a little extra love, and these equity-boosting DIY projects are sure to increase your home’s value.

Put on a Fresh Coat

One of the first things I tell my sellers is this: paint is equity in a can. Nothing brightens and updates a room faster than a fresh coat of paint in a soothing neutral.

Before you crack open a can, remember that not all colors are created equal. Choose light earth tones and greys for a contemporary look that goes over well with Northwest buyers. Check out this color guide for inspiration.

Flip Out Your Lighting Fixtures

You don’t even have to invest in new lighting fixtures: scratched, plastic or outdated light switches are enough of an eyesore that a simple and cost-effective upgrade can elevate the feeling of the room.

If you’re ready to invest a little more time and money into your lighting, adding ceiling fans, recessed lighting and dimmer switches are solid investments that make a difference when you’re ready to sell.  Don't be afraid to get creative: you might uncover a great used fixture at Habitat for Humanity.

Cut Back Overgrown Plants

That hedge that’s growing into your living room isn’t just an eyesore: it’s a problem come inspection time. Look out for plants that have grown too close to the house, hanging branches and any potential hazards.

When you’re ready to replant in the spring, remember that low-maintenance native plants are very attractive to buyers. Landscaping that looks great and is easy to maintain is always a value-booster.

Brighten Up Your Entryway

Your entry is your home’s first impression: so make it a great one!

Freshen up paint inside and outside, replace your worn-out welcome mat, and consider treating yourself to a brand new front door with a pop of color or modern design element.

If your home is on the market over the holidays, consider adding a few tasteful decorations to your front stoop. A little nod to the season stands out, boosts curb appeal and helps buyers imagine how they might celebrate in your home.

Install an Outdoor Firepit

Adding an outdoor firepit is a simple, cost-effective way to dramatically improve your outdoor living space. Not only will your new fire feature be perfect for late summer nights, it will keep you cozy when you want to slip outside during the fall and winter!

Before you build, do your research to ensure your location and materials are safe. Lowe’s has a great instructional video to get you started.  


Have some awesome before/after DIY photos you’d like to share? Email them to us at lylesorenson@windermere.com!